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Motherhood, Mental Health and Overcoming Life’s Challenges, Big and Small

Motherhood can be joyful, fun and amazing. It can also be tough and overwhelming at times. 

Mom Can Breathe is a blog about finding tools to overcome life’s challenges, big and small. We will explore ways to find calm in the day to day stress of motherhood and life in general. Topics will cover the big stuff like mental health, postpartum mood disorders, trauma and addiction. We will also find ways to cope with the smaller stuff, like getting out the door in the morning! In addition, I am a big fan of mindfulness meditation as a way to calm stress and be more present in the moment. I am excited to share some of the strategies that I have found most helpful to me.

Above all, moms are amazingly resilient and sometimes just need a little extra support and strength.

I am a  mom and a mental health therapist with a passion for  helping others find their own power to make it through all kinds of challenges. Many of us share the same concerns, like making friends, balancing work and life and getting it all done. This blog is my way to share some of the things I have learned in my career as well as in my personal journey through motherhood.

Feedback is welcome in the comments! Also, if you have a topic idea for something you would like to know more about, reach out! I hope you will enjoy what you find here,


Welcome to Mom Can Breathe! 

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