It’s OK to Crave Normalcy During a Pandemic

“Well of course it’s OK to crave normalcy”, you think to yourself. “Why is she even writing about this?”

Here we are, in month SEVEN of the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic.

We are grasping at ways to find our new normal, and what I am seeing in my clients is a deep grief starting to set in. We desperately need normalcy, yet nothing is normal. We try to find meaningful ways to fill our days, participating where we can, while still following mask orders and social distancing. Everyone knows the BIG things are gone: vacations weren’t what we planned, concerts and events are canceled, sports are canceled or WAY different, and don’t even get me started on school. We push forward in spite of extraordinary loss.

School is a hot mess. Some kids are doing virtual school from home, some are homeschooling, some have complicated hybrid schedules and some, like my daughter, are in school full time but 6 feet apart with masks, plexiglass desk dividers, and eating lunch at their desks. NOTHING about this is normal, yet we bravely move forward, making the best of it. Teachers, students, parents, and school administrators put on brave faces and grasp at anything that can feel even remotely like the normal beginning of school routine.