8 Things You Can Do Today to Cultivate Joy

If you are committed to growing mentally, emotionally and spiritually, you might be REALLY good at identifying what’s wrong. You notice your shortcomings, take responsibility for your part in any conflicts and are probably very sensitive to all of the suffering in the world. You are constantly looking for ways to improve and grow, and that often includes a harsh assessment of what you can do better.  But it’s important to remember to make room for joy!

Fall is the best

Why Fall is the Best Season for an Emotional Reset

I hope all of you are having a great fall season so far! Up until very recently it was 90 degrees in Central Ohio. Not my idea of October weather. It was so hot and sunny my mums all turned brown. Now that cooler weather is finally upon us, I wanted to write about why fall is the best time to press an emotional reset button.